Saturday, February 10, 2007


Well getting an apartment was a real PITA. July - July leases? Bring your own appliances? Zero parking? So I eventually found a headache-free flexible lease term apartment. It was more than I wanted to spend but it's easy. Really easy living.

View to the street.

Storage locker with a vew of the park! Nice. It's huge. Not a bad workshop. (Dec 07 update: No work was actually done)

More Ontario

It's been a while - and I have arrived - but here are some more pics of the trip.

Brrr - Finally it got cold in Norther Ontrario. No snow - but cold.

More shots of the trailer.

Surf's up in Lake Superior Provincial Park.

Flat tire in Sudbury. Sudbury? What's that place all about?

Fixed it with the tools on board. Uhaul wanted me to wait hours for some guy to show up in a repair truck. I actually went to a uhaul place to try and swap the tires - but apparently that's stealing if you try it when the place is closed. Why was the guy there if the place was closed?