Monday, September 1, 2008

Not my Sambro Shack. My neighbour's

Sambro Shack

Outdoor shower!

The new deck, ramp and warf.

Holy Mackerel I love fishin'.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Backyard Industries - BYI

One person can assemble this new SwingSys designed state-of-the-art solar/hybrid home power system. Almost. The only time two people are required is when the inverter needs to be lifted! Low-frequency designs -1.

Parts central.

Pallet jacks are your friend. If you keep these 350Lb gensets close to the ground then you are ok.

Sides on.

Posts up.

Breakfast break. Fast.

PV supports on.

Nice cuts.

First PV test fit. Perfect.

One person can mount all these panels. If your back is strong....

Top view. All finished but the wiring.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Backyard Bistro (byb - byob!)

Chicken-two-ways. Thai curry and Pri Pri BBQ. mmm good.

The byb is a bit like camping. It's also a bit like living somewhere tropical.... Here's Eric washing some Basil. Squat-style.

Chicken-two-ways again. Beer can and butterflied. Pat's doing beer can chicken - and Paula the butterflied.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Broken Group (pics by Eric Galbraith)

The food! Two hour caramelized onions on Fig-Olive Raincoast crisps with salami and parmesan.

Camping Caprese!

Camping Crepes. Cheeze and La Grotta bacon. So good.

Clarke Island Camping. Windy but beautiful.

Afternoon snack.

Had to navigate the fog using GPS.

Camping Sushi!

Big Maki Attack.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Stressed right out.

Only shoes - at least I have shoes. Unlike some people.

My house for a few days. Near the Lambs. No silence.

This isn't what you find in Canada. This resturant, from whay I could tell, grew all their own food! Including making wine and grappa. It was the best. So great.

Dive boss Neels and his Lady.

Sorry guys, but I'm probably going to eat you. Hmm, one guy went vegetatian after this. But I can't resist grilled organic lamb chops and lemon. mmmmmmm. Sorry guys.

Under water.

Bury the needle. 60+ kph.

Lone swimmer.

The best Greek Salad I have ever eaten. Ever. Period.

Frappes. Thanks to the somewhat guarded Team Macedonia I now know how to make one. Thanks!

The best resturant ever. No menu. No sign. The best pork and lamb and cheese and salads in Greece.

Team Macedonia.

Team Italy

House of Neels - I stayed there one night. Thanks Neels. And thanks for the PADI certification.

Don't hold your breath.

Team France. Getting serious about efficiency and energy conservation.

Mr Personailty.

Shane working hard.

Cave diving.

Loutra. What a nice village.

Cat life in Kythnos.

Anja from Team Germany

Everybody say MicroGrids.

100kWp of PV installed in 1983. 1 9 8 3 ! ! !