Thursday, November 29, 2007


How about my new shoes?

Mmmmmm sticky things on sticks.

Second bath. Patrick was here. And now so was I. Amazing.



Parking space lines in the gravel. Nice.

I like this key. It floats. It's hard to misplace.

First hot spring stop. So hot! So nice. Nothing wrong with a few baths a day.

Random bowl.

Rei taking a break from driving. The best hostess ever!

The screen of my Japanese TV debut last evening.

Breakfast. No idea.

Apparently flights from Canada to Japan make crazy hairs gorw on your ears!? hmmmm.

Lennon would approve. And shower much less. What a system.

This, my friends, is a heated seat with dispatch controls for the front and back crotch jets. Yieeeeeeee.

I love this. How many times have your showered only to find the mirror totally useless afterwards? So simple. So effective.

Coffee brewing system. Fresh brewed. Not bad.

I'm a star. That's me playing a supporting role by the pole.

Now this is Japanese Seafood. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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